Pregnancy photos are something special. Intimate. But they can be fashionable and fun like this one!
I know a lot of women who are afraid or ashamed to show their body during the pregnancy because of what will people say… but let me just stop you right there…
It is your body, you are mother queen being hardcore by creating a new life and you need to feel f*cking amazing while expecting your precious little human! :D
This gorgeous model mama, Elisaveta, is 7 months pregnant and expecting a baby girl. She looks so fierce and rocking these outfits! :D

elisaveta-3 elisaveta-18 elisaveta-26 elisaveta-30 elisaveta-33 elisaveta-36 elisaveta-39 elisaveta-27elisaveta-45 elisaveta-50 elisaveta-51 elisaveta-53 elisaveta-54 elisaveta-59 elisaveta-62 elisaveta-72 elisaveta-77 elisaveta-80 elisaveta-83 elisaveta-86 elisaveta-88 elisaveta-96 elisaveta-103

Yours, S.

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